Club History

A meeting was held at the Commercial Club on 17 November 1966 with a view to forming a Car Club. Further meetings ensued over the following 10 months, including the appointment of a temporary executive on 2 March, 1967. A full executive was elected and a constitution adopted on the 14 September 1967. The club was now fully operational and quickly developed. Membership today totals 125 members (77 families) with 54 club registered vehicles including cars, commercials and motorcycles at least 30 years old.

The Club was incorporated in 1987. Over the years the club held meetings at various city venues including the Union Club Hotel, Remand Centre, TAFE College, Postal Institute Hall, Australian Rules Club and Downside Hall. At the end 1991 the club was able to obtain the old Postal Institute Tennis Court site on the corner of Docker and Morgan Streets, with Council approval and lease for the land.  With the generous assistance of club members past and present, their own clubroom was built on this site. The first meeting was held in the new clubrooms on 10 December 1993. This clubroom complex is now home base for the club’s activities. The building is equipped with all the facilities needed to administer the club and conduct regular meetings and social activities.

As at October 2021, the club rooms land has been rezoned and sold. Council has sought and received tenders for the construction of a community centre adjacent to the Duke of Kent Oval in Shaw Street. This will become our new home.

Getting The Timing Right

The history of the Club from November 1966 to September 1967 has been documented by founding member Jeff Gamble. His document “Getting the Timing Right” can be found at the following link.